Dr Zsuzsanna Tungli Gravista Leaders

Communicating successfully across cultures – Dr. Zsuzsanna Tungli


Cultural Intelligence, or cross-cultural competence, is an essential skill for today’s global businesses. Embedded into the way we lead, organise and collaborate Рit is a part of our daily work. Lacking advanced cultural competence leads to missed opportunities, failed deals, misjudgement of talent capabilities at the organisational level and derailed careers at the personal level.

In this June 12th session lead by Dr. Zsuzsanna Tungli, Gravista Leaders will gain fresh perspectives into the 3+1 most essential cultural differences between Asia and the West, and discuss how these impact every-day work interactions in terms of:
– direct and indirect communication;
– different approaches to hierarchy;
– use of silence in communication; and
– the +1, prioritising tasks or relationships.

Dr. Zsuzsanna Tungli is an expert in the fields of global leadership, gender equality and cultural intelligence. Her work over the past 30 years has spanned Asia, US and Europe, in consulting as well as executive education (INSEAD, IMD, NUS and SMU in the APAC region). She is author of the books Culture Key between Asia and the West (2018), and The Roadmap to Gender Equality in Organisations (end of 2019). Zsuzsanna earned a Ph.D. in international business at London Business School, UK, and an MBA at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. In her first degree she graduated as an economist from the Corvinus University in Budapest, Hungary.