Retrospectives – Susanna Hasenoehrl


The first year of Gravista Leaders is closing in. Our first ever gathering took place on January 27th at a quiet restaurant on Ang Sian Hill. Twelve ladies from a range of industries and functions got together, and we’ve been going ever since. Fuelled by something special we share – even if we could not quite name it at the time. Please click here for Kat van Zutphen’s account of it.

To start our journey, we talked about our most important 2014 leadership challenges and got to know each other at a luncheon on Duxton Hill, and at after work drinks. During our first Leadership Clinic in April, we discussed whether what got us into our respective positions would keep us there – and moving up.

May brought us the unforgettable ‘Touch my heart, communicate with impact’ training conducted by Dr. John Kenworthy. We shared our stories, laughed and cried – and were deeply touched by  the respective willpower, determination and persistence.

After summer holidays, Anne, Kat, Leila, Liza and myself got together to make some further plans for Gravistas, leading to more tête-à-têtes in October (thanks Liza) and another great training session in November. This time with Gary Miles from Roffey Park Leadership Institute, who got us ‘real’ about authentic leadership.

For 2015, plans are aplenty. We will intensify the collaboration with AIESEC, the international student network, to move up more female leaders. Many of us see this as our responsibility. Leading with presence continues to be a key topic, whereas the focus will be on ‘how’ to be a leader in digital channels.

We also have a Venetian gala dinner on our minds – together with other opportunities to involve our support networks more. Quite a few ‘book worms’ are eager to discuss current leadership literature including ‘Leaning In’ in-depth.

Thank you all Gravista Leaders for making this happen.


Susanna Hasenoehrl

Founder of Gravista Leaders