What Is Your Story?


Storytelling is the most effective way of communication. Thanks to the training by Dr. John Kenworthy on May 5th, we also know why, and what are the mechanics thereof.

Put that knowledge into practice and join us for the next Gravista Leaders session on Monday June 2nd (12-2 p.m.) to tell your story. Share with us what makes you who you are, and why should anyone be bothered to do what you ask them to.

If you missed our previous training session or don’t quite have your story ready yet, we’ve got all resources for you to get prepared and ready:

  • Watch John’s 20 minute speech here
  • Read the summary of the speech on the same page
  • Have a look at my personal key take-away’s from the session here

I will also happily email you the worksheet from Dr. John Kenworthy that guides you through the actual writing process – just drop me a note. And if that’s not enough, there are additional resources relating to world’s best speeches on our Facebook page . Register to the event by Thursday May 29th (2 p.m.) on Peatix or right here: